Christmas- The Festival of Joy

Christmas is a very famous occasion celebrated all around the world. It is more popular celebrated among Christians though everyone celebrates it without any discrimination of caste or religion. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year. This day of the year is declared as a holiday. This day has much significance.


Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ that is considered the incarnation of divinity. This symbolizes the spiritual life truthiness. Jesus Christ was born at the time when there was no value for love and kindness. Jesus Christ worked for goodness and transformed people bringing back in them the feeling of goodness. People then started living a new way of life. Make lovely flowers delivered to Hyderabad on this very special day.

Christmas signifies the birth of Lord in the world. Jesus has spread several holy messages all over the world and has brought goodness in the world.


Christmas is celebrated with great joy and is declared as a public holiday in majority of the countries. People celebrate this festival without any discrimination of religion or caste.

People celebrate this festival in different ways. Celebrations start days before the main day Christmas. People have different ways of celebrating it, but with the same spirit and aim. People take part in various religious services and go to churches. There are parades and other religious possessions held in some places where a large number of people take part. These parades and possessions are often commenced from churches. People sing carols and also dance in these possessions. Such possessions make the festival livelier.

Decorations and carols:

Decorations are one of the notable aspects of this festival. People decorate their homes with beautiful lights. The main part is putting up Christmas trees and decorating the tree with beautiful lights and other small things like candies, bells, etc. Hanging star is also a very popular custom. People hang stars in their homes and light up these stars. All these makes the festival filled with glory and joy.

Churches are also decorated using lights and stars of different colors. The entire place in decorated. Huge Christmas trees are arranged in churches doubling the charm of the venue. Christmas trees are decorated using bells, stars, lights, etc. and the decorations are done by the member of the church.

Singing carols are also very popular during the time if Christmas. People sing different hymns called carols. They sing carols where they praise Jesus Christ. One of the very popular carols is ‘jingle bells’ that is sung happily by people during Christmas. People from churches go to localities and sing different carols. Also, carols are held in churches where a group of people take part in singing the carol. There are also carol competitions held in churches and other societies.

People also arrange feasts during Christmas. Get-together is held where people gather to celebrate the festival and split after having a grand feast, which is mainly dinner. People prepare a large variety of dishes including desserts. People join together and enjoy the feasts and this often marks the end of the celebrations.

Christmas and kids:

Kids have a great joy during Christmas time. Kids are amused by Santa Claus who is believed to give them gifts for children on the eve of Christmas. Kids believe that they get anything they wish for from Santa Claus. Parents buy gifts for children and give it to them saying the gift is from Santa Claus. Also, there are possessions from churches where a group of people visit every house in the locality and sing carols. This group would also have a person dressed up like Santa Claus and give gifts to children making them very happy and excited. Hence, kids have a great fascination for Christmas and eagerly wait for the festival to arrive.

Exchanging gifts:

Exchanging gifts is a very popular custom. Gifts are not just given to kids, but are also exchanged among the elders. People exchange different types of gifts. Another popular custom is exchanging cards and candies. Different types of cards especially for Christmas are available during this festival. These cards contain different messages including spiritual messages written on them.

One can also make Christmas better by making the people around you happy. This is possible by organizing get-together and other functions where a large number of people can join and mingle with each other increasing the joy of the festival. People can celebrate the festival together spreading the joy of being one. Exchanging gifts and cards also double the joy and pleasure of the festival. Gifts can be anything based on one’s own ideas.

The main of celebrating festival has to be spreading messages of goodness among people as Jesus Christ did for the world. Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness. One can increase the joy by celebrating the festival with a clear and good heart.