Gardening Guide for Beginners

Before starting your hands on beautifying your lawns with gardens, following products are essential –

  • If you are new to gardening, buy equipment, such as tools, pots, etc. at a cheaper rate in secondhand. You can also use old dustbins, compost bags for growing potatoes.
  • You can either buy compost for garden from the market or make it on your own at home.
  • Now when your garden is ready, buy seeds, plants and cuttings at a cheaper rate from various websites, wherein the material is shipped free of cost.
  • You can start planting herbs, vegetables, fruits and shrubs.
  • You can cover your garden with various fencing plants, which can spread easily giving a great look to your garden.

Attracting Birds in Garden

Birds would love to come to your garden when you keep lots of bird food in the garden. You can buy these bird foods from the market and make sure they are of good quality. Don’t allow cats or dogs in garden even though they are your pets.  Never use net around your garden as it decreases the visit of the birds. Keep the feeds away from the house, so that birds do not collide with your window. Let them put up their own nest and be natural.