The flowery genesis greets Subtle Oasis

These days the entrepreneurs are really interested in building avenues, for marketing their gifts, touching cards meant for all occasions, stuffed toys and all other items. Among these, colorful flowers of good quality are amazingly preferred, for almost all occasions.Happy Time

Indian flowers are an intrinsic part of the Indian ecosystem. They contribute enormously in enhancing the attributes of Indian culture. These flowers are found in all parts of the Indian sub-continent. Generally Indians plant flower trees in their gardens to beautify their residence. The Indian literary icons have mentioned about flowers in their unique creations. History denotes that people in all ages have decorated flowers, as a symbol of welcoming and wishing luck.

According to legendary sources, Lord Buddha was born beneath a fragrant tree in a beautiful garden. The sacred Bodhi Tree, under whose blessings lord Buddha attained Nirvana, is a famous visiting spot for the monks and tourists these days.

The naturally endowed wild flowers:

The wild flowers are equipped to grow in their own harmony in nature. The most wonderful flowers originate from the wildflower seed mixtures of today. Descending from the gardening innovators of the English stratum, these flowers are perhaps the most exquisite variety.

There is an exotic range of wild flowers like:

  • The Annual Beauties: These are one of the most popular wildflower varieties amongst the known gardeners. These species grow friendship-day-flowersand mature quickly from the seed. They generally have long blooming seasons, nearly two months long. The first frost breaks down the annual blossoms. This ends their one-season life story. The next year some garden owners replant the fallen seeds of fading flowers of the previous season, to create a new full bloom.
  • The Perennial species: These are greatly valued by the gardeners and come back each year from the expanding clumps. Surprisingly the Perennials build a permanent wild flower garden, creating audible expressions of praise. Generally these varieties of flowers do not blossom, till they have passed at least one single growing season. During the growth year the wild flowers make small top blooms, developing penetrated root systems. This in turn allows the plant to survive the first winter, and then grow into a full blooming plant in the second season. Most Perennial plants bloom for two weeks each year.
  • The Biennial variety: This variety also blossoms completely in the next season only. These flowers require the solar reflections all the time. These wild flowers learnt to bloom in natural habitats, much before human settlement. One of the most exquisite wild flowers of the sandy soils is the “Dune Primrose”. This variety has large white flowers, which turn pinkish with time.

The Flower Vogue-

There are dazzling talk shows organized, to learn about the extraordinary ways in which the flowering plants attract insects to scatter their pollen grain, and many more relevant discussions. All the species of flowers need immense attention and care by expert gardeners at all times.